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Special Effects

Event Avenue has a large range of special effects hire available in Hobart, Launceston and across Tasmania.

Confetti and Streamer Cannons

Perfect for those big announcements, important introductions, making an entrance, creating a climax, celebrating a winner, impactful photography and more, or just because they are awesome and you can!  These “Magic FX” cannons launch metallic or paper streamers or “slow drop” confetti up to 12m away from their fixed or handheld launchers.

CO2 Cannons

Bursts of three to five meter high CO2 gas, brightly lit in any colour using their internal LEDs.   Great for stage work or making an entrance.  Their LEDs can be used (DMX) independently.


Taking those lighting or special effects to the next level, by creating an atmosphere of fine haze such that lighting is enhanced. 1500W.

Standard Fog

Just want to fill an area with thick fog? This is the fogger for you. Want to create fog that stays close to the ground? Just add party ice into the machine.  1500W.

Dry Ice Low Fog

Great for stage work, the dance floor, theming or as a walk through, this low fog machine hold 4.5kg of dry ice, will not activate fire alarms,and creates the best low fog around your ankles and knees.

Geyser Fog

Picture perfect entrances, big announcements, stage work, important introductions, celebrating a winner, impactful photography and more.  Delivering fog under pressure five to eight meters out and at any angle. Brightly lit in any colour using their internal LEDs. Their LEDs can be used (DMX) independently.

Special Effects projector

Tasmania is famous for being able to see the Aurora Australis. Imagine being able to bring this unique phenomenon to your event.  Perhaps you’d like swimming hammerhead sharks, flames, or water effects projected on to a wall or roof – not a problem.

Silk Flames

Our silk flame machines use a fan driven, 2 meter high piece of silk fabric uplit with specialised flame coloured LED’s to create the colour and movement of flame.  Great for theming, or as a stage feature or entrance.


An old favourite that needs no introduction over any dance floor or outside space.


Foam type (liquid based), snow machine producing snow from very light to very heavy. No problems with carpet, it doesn’t stain. Any “Winter wonderland” theme wouldn’t be complete without one or two.

UV Cannons

“Black light” Ultra Violet cannons with barn doors and adjustable output so everyone goes home with their eyeballs intact!  Want to stand out? Wear white!!


Have your logo or phrase projected pretty much anywhere, from the side of a building to the stage floor.

Note – Our fog machines use pharmaceutical grade, fast dissipation fluids as standard.



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